Phillip-Jennings Custom Homes

Homeowner - Desco Drive

"We hope we can do justice in this (highest possible) recommendation to highlight how important Phillip Fristoe and Phillip Jennings Homes was throughout the entire construction process and even after we moved into our new home. Phillip built a home that is gorgeous and well beyond what we could have imagined and the credit needs to go to Phillip and his team.

At every step of what we perceived as a daunting process, Phillip made it very easy and logical for us. He was very involved at every step and we believed he truly was working in our best interest. Phillip provided very talented architects for us to interview and the architect we chose took many "vague" ideas on what we wanted in our home (such as minimal hallways, presentation wine room, sport court, areas where we can "live") to design a wonderful layout. But it was Phillip who provided many excellent modifications to the proposed design that we are enjoying right now.

We were concerned about adhering to our overall budget and needed to know when we may be deviating from the approved initial budget. Phillip (and one of his many strengths as a builder) provided excellent ongoing communication that helped us keep within budget (and on time). Yet Phillip recommended many beautiful upgrades in the field, had numerous cost savings ideas (which helped if we did upgrade in other areas) and was willing to incorporate any changes quickly.

After we moved in Phillip remained in touch, quite frankly well after any warranty period, to follow up on any "fixes" needed (mostly minor but we feel were expected with any new home).

We examined and interviewed over a dozen custom builders, narrowing to three finalists in particular before we selected Phillip Jennings. If you want a Builder that will take the same "ownership" that you do throughout the construction of your dream home, you are well advised to select Phillip Jennings Homes."